About Us

About Liz Daly-Korybski

My concept is simple, I am obsessed with glass. I love the colors, textures, fluidity. I love the fact that it can be shaped into anything.

I love the fact that I can create anything my mind dreams up.

My obsession with Glass and its color have remained the same; however, my designs and technique have evolved, now ranging from jewelry to sushi plates, as well as other functional and decorative pieces.


Creating glass works is an extensive process. I start with a flat piece of glass, cut, design, and add multiple layers of glass creating a kaleidoscope of textures and colors. Fire, cut, and fire some more, grind, polish and then and only then, the glass is ready to be designed into a pendant the result is a cabochon that appears to be multi-dimensional.

My techniques range from slumping, fusion, to silver working. Each piece of jewelry is one of a kind.

I offer many different glass creations including, pendants, bracelets, earrings, sushi plates and platters.

In addition to my glass work. I now design over 65 different product lines, created in our, in house studio. These lines range from upcycling to vintage. Vintage headbands, pictured above.