Liz Daly Glass Fusion

Glass Fusion is Liz Daly’s passion & creative outlet. It began with a childhood, working side by side her father, making art from unconventional & recycled material. Today she spends hours in her studio on Main, finding new ways to make the iridescent dichroic and vibrantly colored glass pieces both functional & beautifully expressive.  


. Dichroic Glass is made of thin layers of metal oxides which give it its unique reflective glint, not seen in ordinary glass. The material we know today was first developed by Nasa as a resilient material to withstand heat but evidence of this “color changing glass,” has been discovered in 4th century artifacts. This optically chameleon material- designed with Liz’s keen eye for color and fuzed in a kiln- makes for a brilliantly colored & iridescent wearable art. The different colors offer a range of possibilities and character.